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About Me

For as long as I can remember I've been crafting. Starting with Crayons and finger paints, weaving construction paper mats, making PlayDoh sculptures. Any free time would find me drawing. Horses usually. I've always loved animals. I've always loved nature, too. Good thing since that's where the animals are mostly.
All through school I looked forward to art classes. After High School I took airbrushing courses. In my adult life I was able to acquire wool sheep and decided to try spinning and weaving. So many crafts to try. So little time!

It's also been a dream of mine to be able to sell my creations.  After the Lord blessed me with a child who has now started his own life, I am able to give that dream a try. 

Our little family and farm are located in Indiana, USA. My husband farms and I try to keep up with the house, the garden and the animals. If I never was able to have a small business, I'd still be's what I do!

I hope you enjoy my site. A little humor and a furry animal doeth the heart good like a medicine and crafting is also good for the soul. I took several wrong paths on my journey and finally found my peace and forgiveness in Jesus. If you need some peace in your life, make the Lord your Good Shepherd, too. Ps:23


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